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working with European Partners

The MRS Consultancy, an associate company of Learning Light are the Project Managers of a european initiative funded by the Leanardo da Vinvci Fund, working with partners in Poland, Belgium, Spain and UK. The project 'ICTforSME' focuses on strengthening innovation in SME's by tackling two key areas: knowledge and tools.

The project results in the production of e-learning courses that present an holistic approach to ICT issues across the management spectrum, with a focus on innovation. There are 6 courses available designed in English and translated to into the Partners' national languages;

  1. Innovative Financial Management
  2. Marketing Research in Innovation
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  4. Innovative Product Development
  5. Cultural Management
  6. E-Marketing

A further result is a computer software system for use in-house providing valuable features that improve the efficiency of recipient organisations and increases their profits.

The final resultant outcome is the methodical and training instruction manuals prepared for both the direct beneficiaries and the trainers.

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Learning Light has worked in collaboration with the Human Capital Management magazine (HCM), offering indepth analysis into how people and technology improve business performance.

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Systematic Literature Review

Learning Light and The University Of Sheffield have carried out a comprehensive Systematic Literature Review of e-learning research in the workplace. Please click below to see our literature roadmap.



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