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About RSS

RSS Icon RSS is frequently updated content published by a website. It is a method for getting and sending news and information.

You can subscribe to an RSS feed and have the latest news and information sent to your RSS reader program. The RSS reader program will alert you when there is new information for you to read.

How can I subscribe to an RSS feed?

These are general instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed. Each RSS reader might work differently (see your RSS reader's help documentation for more specific information).

  • On the Get Listed Page, Click on the RSS Icon RSS Icon
  • Copy the address of the feed from your browser's address field
  • Paste the address of the RSS file into your RSS reader program
  • Click Subscribe

RSS Readers

A list of RSS Tools.

A list of RSS Readers from RSS Specifications.

A list of readers from Google.

Further Reading

More information at Wikipedia on RSS.

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