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The Showcase section provides links to examples of interesting online courses, learning materials and other e-learning solutions for business, schools, higher and continuing education as well as for general interest.

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Showcase Contents

  • General Interest e-Learning Showcase A showcase of examples of e-Learning solutions developed for general interest purposes and for learners of all ages. It consists of links to both formal online courses as well as other informal online learning solutions
  • College and University e-Learning Showcase A showcase for a wide range of examples of online courses and other online learning solutions that have been developed in Universities and Colleges and that are visible on the Internet. Some are "traditional" course repositories of lecture notes and resources, others are more innovative online projects.
  • School e-Learning Showcase A showcase of examples of some interesting online learning solutions by or for schools (aka K-12 education).
  • Workplace and Professional Development e-Learning Showcase A showcase of examples of e-learning solutions designed for the workplace and professional development.
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