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Learner Perceptions of e-Learning

This page provides links to a number of resources that look at what learners think about e-learning.

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Student reactions to educational technologists

"A series of links to useful articles and resources" Graeme Daniel, 25 April 2005

Added: 3 May 2005
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Online students tough, focused

"What is it like to be an online student? While studies show online enrolments are growing, there have been few examinations of the actual online student experience. What is it like to attend school where there are no desks, no clocks and none of the normal distractions that exist in a traditional classroom? What frustrations do such students face? What keeps them motivated? What do they get from an online class that they can't get in a normal learning environment? Converge recently spoke with several online students to find out." Converge, October 2003

Added: 10 October 2003
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"Some of what they said wasn't surprising. Taking classes online requires motivation and a lot of hard work. Other things, however, were unexpected. Who would have thought you could form strong and lasting friendships with fellow students you've never met?"


Online options for students

"It's not unusual for 42-year-old Carey Gibson of Turlock to be wearing pajamas and slippers when she goes to class at Modesto Junior College. She often attends at 3 a.m. by logging online. "Mostly the flexibility is what I love about it," said the aspiring English professor and mother of two. "It would take me twice as long to finish college if it wasn't for online classes," added Gibson, in between waiting tables at her full-time job at Lyons restaurant." Melanie Turner, Modesto Bee, 28 July 2003

Added: 10 August 2003
Reviewer's Note:
One student's view of online distance learning


Travel still broadens the mind in a narrow-band world

"I'm sorry, Eric Wilson is out of the office on an e-learning course. How likely is this message? One of the primary benefits touted by e-learning proponents is cost savings in travel time and expense. The theory is, you can learn right where you are, on any PC connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. Yet, for all but the simplest applications, travel may turn out to be a key to making e-learning work" Eric Wilson, The Age, 30 July 2002

Added: 3 December 2002
Reviewer's Note:
Conclusion: Broadband e-learning will improve the learning experience


Observations of behaviour and processes

"After approximately 500 hours as an online learner in a wide range of courses and activities, I've noticed I have some interesting habits." Elliott Masie, IT Training Magazine, December 2001

Added: 5 January 2002
Reviewer's Note:
Elliott Masie takes a look at his behaviour as on online student


E-Learning evangelists

"Jackie Sullivan, a project manager at a large food manufacturer in the Chicago area, attempted to complete a bachelor's degree in IT twice before concluding that, as a single mom and working IT professional, e-learning offered her the best route to a diploma." Leslie Jaye Goff, ComputerWorld, 10 September 2001

Added: 18 September 2001
Reviewer's Note:
Some experiences of e-learners on degree courses


Through the looking glass: student perceptions of online learning

"Two things emerge in the study of students' attitudes toward online learning: individual situations impact students' perceptions of computer-based learning, and students' individual characteristics make it difficult to define their perceptions conclusively." Linda Peters, The Technology Source, September/October 2001.

Added: 7 September 2001
Reviewer's Note:
The article concludes "Whether students are involved in full-scale distance learning programs or dabbling in online activities for a traditional class, their perception of the experience profoundly affects the process of education."


Student frustrations with a web-based distance education course

"This article presents a qualitative case study of a Web-based distance education course at a major U.S. university. The case data reveal a taboo topic: students' persistent frustrations in Web-based distance education." Noriko Hara and Rob King, first monday, December 1999

Added: June 2000
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