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e-Learning Quotations

This page provides quotations relevant to e-learning and learning in general.

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"It's what we think we know that keeps us from learning"

Claude Bernard

"Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I'll understand"

Chinese Proverb

"A single conversation with a wise man is better than 10 years of study."

Chinese Proverb

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"Famous quotes from historical educators"  from etraffic solutions

"Learning is not compulsory ... neither is survival."

W Edwards Derning

"Technological change is the only constant in our work today"


"Someday, in the distant future, our grandchildren's grandchildren will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge."


"People love to learn but hate to be taught"

Michael Yacobian, internationally renowned trainer

"You have to stop worrying about all the training metrics of how many people you trained and what your completion rate is. Only training people care about those numbers. You wouldn't walk into the boardroom and have that discussion. They'd fall asleep or throw you out. The best thing you could do is to imagine the CEO and the senior staff - what do they talk about? They don't talk about training. They talk about sales. They talk about customer satisfaction. They talk about inventory. Those are the problems training people have to solve in order to move from the classroom to the boardroom."

Tom Kelly, VP, Cisco Systems.  In Online Learning Magazine, Feb 2002

"Learning is more than just content or delivery software. It needs to be integrated into a broader learning process involving instructional support and collaboration, and designed with emphasis on the learning objectives. It also needs to be seen in the context of the broader strategy for training and skills development within a company and in many cases this means that it needs to be integrated into existing training delivery, creating a blended solution."

Sheila McGovern, senior research analyst for IDC

"The best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people and not in classrooms."

Charles Handy

"The biggest obstacle to innovation is thinking it can be done the old way."

Jim Wetherbe, Texas Tech, 1990.

"All of my fellow eLearning gurus will tell you that learning is the important part of eLearning, not the "e".  I say, "Balderdash!" (not an exact quote.) What's really important is doing. If an organisation's people perform proficiently, it matters not whether they learned how in a course, on a prior job, or by meditating in a cave."

Jay Cross, Internet Time Group. In Time Matters and Profit Returns (pdf)

"Moving from the one-room schoolhouse to the one-world schoolhouse is now a reality."

Cisco Systems

"Learning is not taught"

Nicholas Negroponte, Digital Visionary In interview in
Converge Magazine, October 2001

Believe it or not!

"The folks on the Internet Time Group Website take a fun (and feisty poke) at some e-learning rhetoric"

"If we don't focus on the experience dimension of learning, we run the risk of mistaking the publishing of information for learning and training"

Elliott Masie

"You can't teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it." 

Seymour Papert

"X-Generations demand X-cellent training in an X-celerated speed."

Angel Rampy

"If you are not being educated in your job today, you may be out of a job tomorrow... Employee education is not growing 100 percent faster than academia, but 100 times - or 10,000 percent - faster... Over the next few decades the private sector will eclipse the public sector and become the major institution responsible for learning."

Jim Botkin and Stan Davis, The Monster Under the Bed

"It's what we think we know already that keeps us from learning."

Claude Bernard

"An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Jack Welch, ex-CEO, GE

"Companies will never have a truly sustainable advantage that's based on products or prices. You need to focus on the rate at which people learn. It's the learning speed of the slowest many, not the learning speed of the brightest few, that will set the pace for your company."

Jim Haudan

"E-learning is becoming a commodity. "Companies are looking at E-learning programs like a stapler or reams of paper-- it's just one item in their inventory." 

Clark Aldrich, Gartner Group 

"In your career, knowledge is like milk. It has a shelf life stamped right on the carton. The shelf life of a degree in engineering is about 3 years. If you're not replacing everything you know by then, your career is going to turn sour fast."

Louis Ross, CTO, Ford Motor Co

"Online you get to know your students' minds not just their faces."

Harasim, L., Hiltz, S.R., Teles, L., and Turoff, M. in Learning Networks: A Field Guide to Teaching and Learning Online. "The 'e' in e-learning stands for experience."

Elliott Masie, Masie Center

"Knowledge generation really only occurs in teams where people engage in doing meaningful work."

Paul Senge

Communications is human nature.  Knowledge sharing is human nurture."

Alison Tucker, Buckman Laboratories

"Learning is a process not an event"

Elliott Masie, Masie Center

"This new economy is based more on brains and brawn - and moves more on broadband byways than concrete highways"

Ray Smith, former Chairman, Bell Atlantic

"In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffler, Vanguard Management, 1989

"Learning how to learn has become the most fundamental skill that an educated person needs to master, and the instrument that enables learning in almost every field is the computer."

Dr Peshe Kauriloff, Adjunct Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing."

Donna J Abernathy, Training and Development Editor, 1999

"The current learning model is insufficient to accommodate the needs and realities of companies competing in the global, knowledge-based economy."

SRI Consulting

"There are two fundamental equalizers in life - the Internet and education."

John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

"The next big killer application on the internet is going to be education. Education over the internet is going to be so big it is going to make e-mail usage look like a rounding error."

John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

"It's not e-learning or c-learning; it's learning"

Chuck Ferguson, Sun Microsystems

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn."

Alvin Toffler

"The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage"

Peter Senge, Fifth Discipline

"We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning."

Elliott Masie, Masie Center

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