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Avatars (Virtual Characters)

This page provides links to tools that can be used for the production of specialist interactive and intelligent content in the form of virtual assistants, mentors etc.

Articles in alphabetical order.

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"get smart get an agent  Discover the world of intelligent agents and virtual assistants, browse the intelligent agent directory, download for free many intelligent agents and virtual assistants, share your opinion and customise your intelligent agent"

Added: 25 August 2001
Reviewer's Note:
This site is a great resource - and there's always Cybelle - their virtual assistant - to help you out. 


CodeBaby Production Studio

"A CodeBaby e-Learning agent fosters trust and creates a positive online learning experience, increasing the completion rate of online courses and improving subject matter retention. CodeBaby Production Studio makes it easy to integrate an e-Learning agent within your online course or Learning Management System."

Updated: 21 October 2005
Reviewer's Note:
Take a look at the demos.


eLearning Mentors

"DA Group brings learning to life with avatar based e-learning solutions that integrate with a variety of media. Web, CD, kiosk it makes no difference DA Group's flexible technology takes sound or text input and instantly generates engaging, captivating and personalised interface. DA Group offers static or interactive avatars and offers bespoke characters based individual designs. Customers include Ayrshire Council and Scottish Enterprise."

Added: 21 November 2003
Reviewer's Note:
Take a look at the demos (History Tutor and Healthcare Assistant)  to appreciate the use of this technology.


EVIL Limited - Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life

"A show case of Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life and its associated Business Applications. Register technical or business topics with our Intelligent Agent Louise, or hire one of the Agents from our Cyber Workforce for on-line tutor services."

Added: 1st August 2008



"Oddcast enables companies to improve business results by bringing web and wireless content to life quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The Oddcast [V]HostT platform is the industry-leading solution for enhancing online communication with intelligent, conversational characters which can deliver information and respond dynamically to customer queries."

Added: 22 January 2004
Reviewer's Note:
"Oddcast is the developer of rich media solutions for the e-learning marketplace. The company recently launched its simulator and FAQ products for the elearning market."


Pulse 3D

"Pulse provides technology and consulting services that enable our customers to create and deploy virtual characters for Web and wireless applications. Our patented software transforms standard digital images (photos and illustrations) into interactive, animated characters that do not require plug-ins to view or hear. "

Updated: 23 January 2005
Reviewer's Note:
Take a look at some examples


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