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e-Book Tools

This page provides links to tools that are useful for reading as well as creating e-books for your PC or mobile device.

Articles in alphabetical order.

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This tool allows you to convert any document, in whatever application it was created, into PDF (Portable Document Format).  It faithfully preserves the original fonts, images and layouts. In addition, searchable PDF files can be created. You need the free Acrobat reader to view and/or print the pdf files

Added: 2000
Reviewer's Note:
The main commercial tool to create PDFs.


Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader

"Are you ready to enjoy the portability, versatility, and interactivity of electronic books? The free Adobe® Acrobat® eBook ReaderT enables you to read high-fidelity eBooks on your notebook or desktop computer - no special hardware is needed! Only this reader software displays eBooks with the pictures, graphics, and rich fonts you've come to expect from printed books. Combining a vivid, elegant reading experience with an intuitive interface, Acrobat eBook Reader gives you all that eBooks have to offer."

Added: 24 August 2001
Reviewer's Note:
Readers also available for Palm OS, Pocket PC and Symbian OS



"Versatile universal compiler for digital info-products with a whole bunch of unique features. EBook Maestro PRO compiles eBooks, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Software Wizards, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes and other informational products."

Added: 4 October 2005
Reviewer's Note:
eBook Maestro FREE can be used for creating any non-commercial eBooks. This version is absolutely free and you don't have to register to use it. eBook Maestro STANDARD and PRO can be used for creating any eBooks including commercial ones


Microsoft Reader


Added: 29 July 2001
Reviewer's Note:
Readers available for Desktop and Laptop PCs, Tablet PCs and Pocket PCs


Microsoft Reader Text to Speech Package

"enables voiced reading and navigation features for Microsoft Reader 2.0 for Windows-based PCs and laptops (Note: at present, this feature is only enabled for the PC desktop/laptop version).

Added: 12 October 2001
Reviewer's Note:
FREE Accessibility advances in Microsoft Reader 2.0 make eBooks available to a broader range of users.


Read in Microsoft Reader

"Create eBooks from Microsoft Word version 2002 files at the click of a button. The Read in Microsoft Reader (RMR) add-in for Microsoft Word enables you to convert any Word document into a Microsoft Reader format eBook in just a few simple steps"

Updated: 2 February 2003
Reviewer's Note:
The readers are free too for PCs, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs



"We set out to create a user-friendly technology that requires NO reader plug-in applications or file downloads and makes accessing company literature in digital format a pleasurable reading experience."

Added: 24 August 2003
Reviewer's Note:
This may be a useful tool for some types of e-learning solutions.



SimVenture is a simulation game letting students run a company and learn business at no risk. Used by schools, colleges and universities since launch in Oct 06, it is a rich learning resource.

Added: 24th August 2007
Reviewer's Note:
based in York


Sony Reader

"Reading from the Sony® Reader is unlike reading from any other digital device you've ever seen. Its breakthrough electronic paper technology provides clarity and resolution that rival paper itself."

Added: 7 February 2006
Reviewer's Note:
"Measuring 6.9" by 4.9" by .5",8 the Sony® Reader is smaller than many paperbacks. And at less than 9 ounces, it's light enough to travel with you wherever you go."



"XplanaBook is a Flash-based media book platform that transforms traditional textbooks into integrated learning experiences for students. XplanaBook not only has advanced "book" tools such as index and glossary, but also boasts a unique user interface that affords readers ultimate flexibility in terms of their experience."

Added: 27 January 2005
Reviewer's Note:
"XplanaBook simulates an actual learning environment. Students can highlight text and create their own notes to be saved. Teachers can insert links to URLs or other e-book pages. These highlights, notes, and links can be saved and viewed later by all users."


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