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Email Tools

This page provides links to to some email tools.

Articles in alphabetical order.

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"Coollist is a web-based system for anyone to easily create FREE mailing lists. Mailing lists will enhance the power of your email allowing your user group or community to communicate and share ideas quickly via email. The Coollist system is easy to use and is accessible from anywhere in the world! Even when you are not on your own PC."

Added: 3 March 2005
Reviewer's Note:
Free for life



"Want to email large files? We've got the answer."

Added: 12 December 2005
Reviewer's Note:
Try DropSend for free



"a service providing free, commercial-grade Internet mailing lists to all interested. Our lists are all internet and technology-related. Thus, we provide a free focal point for technology-inclined individuals and groups on the Internet. We do it all without the support of advertisements, ensuring the highest-quality mailing list experience for you and your users."

Updated: 1 February 2005
Reviewer's Note:
High-Performance, subscriber-only mailing lists


Goodmail Systems

"Goodmail Systems' Trusted-Class Email, a patented email stamping process, is a powerful, economically-driven solution to address the damage caused by spam and its negative after-effects. It promises to restore consumer trust in email and reallocate costs from ISPs to senders of mass email."

Added: 10 July 2004
Reviewer's Note:
How it works - "Accredited volume mailers purchase encrypted stamps and attach them to outgoing messages. Participating Internet Service Providers use Goodmail Systems' Stamp Filtering Gateway to detect, validate, and clear the stamps. Stamped email bypasses spam filters and arrives safely in recipients' inboxes


LISTSERV® / LISTSERV® Maestro / LSMTP® / ListPlex® and EASESM

"Founded in 1994, L-Soft is the premier provider of e-mail list and e-mail delivery solutions used on the Internet and intranets. With a growing demand for scalable e-mail communication solutions, L-Soft's innovative, web-enabled technology offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for non-technical and expert users alike. Solutions range from high-performance software to custom outsourcing services that provide large to small-scale alternatives for electronic newsletters, discussion groups, and personalized direct e-mail campaigns using a customer database."

Added: 8 July 2004
Reviewer's Note:
Evaluation kits are available to download


Nelson Email Organiser (NEO)

"With NEO Pro your emails are where you want them when you want them.  Nelson Email Organiser transforms your Outlook Inbox into a productivity tool that multi-files, prioritises and allows you to find the information you need, when you need it."

Added 29 January 2005
Reviewer's Note:
Try it free



" is a disposable email account system. Use to avoid give your personal email address to untrusted sites. It's very easy and fun! Just pick one and give it to the guy or website who asks your for your email address."

Added: 11 April 2005
Reviewer's Note:
After 24 hours, your received emails will be deleted from the system.



"PPTminimizer reduces PowerPoint and Word files by up to 98% of their initial size using an intelligent compression technique. The software preserves the original file format so files can be edited without having to unzip them."

Added: 8th August 2008


Your Mailing List Provider

"YourMailinglistProvider offers you a free, professional yet easy-to-use mailinglist to set up a newsletter for your site! Offering a newsletter or mailinglist to website visitors is a powerful marketing tool... but emailing to hundreds or thousands of customers is not easy.  YourMailinglistProvider gives you tools to mass email your newsletter, free of any charge: all you need to do is write and send!"

Added: 31 December 2001
Reviewer's Note:
FREE and you can also import an existing subscriber list


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