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Interactivity Tools

This page provides links to tools for interactive e-Learning.

Articles in alphabetical order.

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ActiveSlide Thunder

"ActiveSlide Thunder is a visual authoring tool for interactive Flash components. It's the perfect software to enhance your IWB-presentations and e-learning courses, as it helps you to visualise knowledge, processes and information in an interactive way. Thanks to the integrated step-by-step wizards even beginners can create interactive components in minutes. "

Added: 18 August 2006
Reviewer's Note:
Take a look at the software demos


EIT: E-learning Module - English language for Information Technology Specialists

"E-learning module "English for IT specialists" provides access to flexible English language learning materials designed for IT students and specialists at their elementary/post-elementary level of English. EIT comprises calendar-based 365 lessons."

Added: 8th August 2008


Horazio's Website

"Personal bilingual website featuring a small collection of educational freeware for different ages and different subjects. Direct download, No registration required. "

Added: 26 June 2007
Reviewer's Note:


Instructional Spice

"Activity Spice is an online application that builds custom eLearning flash activities to be inserted in whatever eLearning platform you are using. 40 flash activities are available free!"

Added: 14th July 2008



"Raptivity allows you create true learning outcomes with meaningful interactivity. The Raptivity library of games, simulations, videos and 200+ such pre-built interactions is based on best practices in instructional design. Raptivity output your interactivity to a single Flash file. Raptivity tracks completion status, score and responses and provides this information to authoring tools for SCORM/AICC tracking."

Updated: 06 March 2007
Reviewer's Note:
Download a free trial to create 20 interactivities of your choice


Testgen your friendly online test generator and server

"With Testgen You can create OnlineTest/Quiz, edit Questions and Answers, set timers, suspend / resume /delete tests, create Student IDs, Serve Online tests designed by you, Save results . Question types multiple choice, True/False, FillBlanks and FullPara evaluation by key words, are possible. Testgen is highly Teacher Friendly"

Added: 27 March 2007
Reviewer's Note:
Free tests available


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